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The Israeli aggression targets Gaza Industrial City and destroys a number of factories

Gaza, 18 May 2021

The continuous Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip for the ninth consecutive day targeted the Gaza Industrial City, causing damage to a number of factories, and the electric power generation from solar energy on the roofs of buildings project.

Khaled Anabtawi, the Chairman of BOD of Gaza Industrial City, one of PADICO’s investments in Gaza, clarified that the Israeli occupation targeted on two consecutive days the Industrial City, with several raids launched by the occupation’s warplanes and artillery, which led to severe damage of more than 10 factories.

Anabtawi added that the Israeli raids on the Industrial city caused severe damage to the electric power generation from solar energy on the roofs of buildings project in Gaza Industrial city that was inaugurated by Bashar Masri, the Chairman of PADICO Holding BOD, two months ago in Gaza.

 “Praise be to God, there were no human casualties during the recent raids on the Industrial City, and this is the most important thing for us, but unfortunately we cannot overlook the enormous economic damage caused by the aggression on the sector as a whole, including the Industrial City,” he said.

Anabtawi added that the electric power generation project aims to permanently provide electricity for factories due to the electricity problem in Gaza Strip but today this project, whose estimated cost amounted to $12 million, is again threatened with shelling and complete destruction. This is in addition to the losses of the factories that have been subjected to shelling and cessation of their works since the beginning of the aggression and the other losses due to the siege that has been imposed on Gaza for approximately 14 years. However, we have not yet been able to count the financial losses, but they are estimated at tens of millions of dollars, and the numbers are doubling every minute.

Anabtawi held the Israeli occupation authorities accountable for all the damage to the Gaza Industrial City and the factories located in it, especially since all the factories are owned by businessmen who did not pose any threat or danger as the Israeli occupation claims. Not only that but also since the beginning of the aggression, these factories have not been able to operate due to the danger in the movement of its workers, wondering, “what justification is the Israeli occupation using to fabricate its aggression here?”

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