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Al-Pinar General Trading Company

Al Pinar General Trading Company

Al Pinar was established in 1999 as a specialized company that offers a variety of products made of fresh dairy, meeting a diverse range of consumers’ tastes through more than 35 products.

In its pursuit of accessing the dairy products market and gaining a distinguished position in this sector, the Palestine Industrial Investment Company (PIIC) acquired Al Pinar’s total shares in 2016, starting a new development phase of the company’s facilities and products, aiming to achieve leadership in this sector, as the company is in the process of inaugurating a new dairy factory in Al Nabi Saleh area near Ramallah.

  • Board of Directors
  • Abdalhakim Fuqaha - Chairman
  • Amjad Hassoun - Vice Chairman
  • Ahmad Al Ramahi
  • Fadi Joma
  • General Manager
  • Ahmad Musleh
Contact Information:

Tel: +970 2 2402278

Fax: +970 2 2402279