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Gaza Industrial Estate (GIE)

GIE was established in 1997 as the first and largest industrial estate in Palestine, and became the country’s gate to export local products through Gaza strip to neighboring countries and a main tributary of Palestinian economy, as it provides more than 3,000 employment opportunities in various fields. GIE is located to the east of Gaza City with a total area of 480 thousand sqm, and it features an integrated advanced infrastructure to meet different industrial needs.

Palestine Industrial Estate Development & Management Company (PIEDCO) the developer company of GIE continues developing its facilities to meet the tenants’ needs to sustain economic development.

  • Board of Directors
  • Khaled Anabtawi - Chairman
  • Mohammed Najjar - Vice Chariman
  • Nimer Abdul Wahed
  • Farid Al Qeeq
  • Ahmad Al Ramahi
  • General Manager
  • Basem Al Ashi
Contact Information:

Tel: +970 8 2801003

Fax: +970 8 2801007