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Gaza Industrial Estate (GIE)

Gaza Industrial Estate (GIE) was established in 1997 as the first and largest industrial estate in Palestine, and became the country’s gateway to exporting local products through the Gaza Strip to neighboring countries.  As a main contributor to the  Palestinian economy, GIE provided more than 3,000 employment opportunities in various fields. GIE was located to the east of Gaza City with a total area of 480 thousand sqm. GIE also included a solar energy project that was launched in 2021 a production capacity of 7 MW to serve factories in the GIE, which was partially destroyed in the same year and was rebuilt it and expanded it to 9 MW.   In late 2023 with the  scale of aggression on the Gaza Strip,  images of destruction to GIE have been circulated online, however, to date PADICO has not been able to physically assess damages.