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Palestine Poultry Company

Palestine Poultry Company (Aziza)

Aziza was established in 1997, as a public limited shareholding company, with a paid-in capital of JOD 13 million. The company owns an integrated chain of production projects in the poultry and animal feed sector, its manufacturing process covers the whole life cycle of the poultry since early production stages to the direct marketing and sales, in addition, the company invests in dairy farms, where it owns and operates a pilot farm that’s considered the most advanced in the region; as it contains a kettle feeding facility.

In 2010, the Palestine Poultry Slaughterhouse was established to complete the poultry production lines of Aziza, the slaughterhouse obtained international quality and food safety certificates; it was classified as an eco-friendly facility for containing a water treatment plant and a waste treatment unit, also, the slaughterhouse is the biggest supplier of poultry to the main restaurant chains and hospitals in Palestine

  • Board of Directors
  • Abdalhakim Fuqaha - Chairman
  • Amjad Hassoun - Vice Chairman
  • Mohammad Hassouneh
  • Jamal Abu Omar
  • Sulaiman Al Du’eifi
  • Zuhdi Al Khawaja
  • Sameer Al Saba’
  • Ghassan Ghanem
  • Hamad Masri
  • General Manager
  • Amjad Nab’a
Contact Information:

Tel: +970 9 2683177

Fax: +970 9 2683180