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Vegetable Oil Industries Company

Vegetable Oil Industries Company (VOIC)

VOIC was established in 1953 as a public shareholding company, it’s current paid-in capital is JOD 4 million, since then, the company has been refining and packaging olive oil, and later on, it has upgraded its operations to produce various types of vegetable oils and vegetable ghee from hydrogenated palm oil through two production lines: a refining line that makes oil and ghee, and another line for packaging all of the company’s products.

Palestine Industrial Investment Company (PIIC) owns 33% of VOIC’s shares, while VIOC owns a substantial percentage of the National Beverage Company (Coca-Cola/ Cappy).

  • Board of Directors
  • Hisham Masri - Chairman
  • Ayman Abu Ghazaleh - Vice-Chairman
  • Zuhair Osaily
  • Abdalhakim Fuqaha
  • Nuha Aqeel
  • Bassam Hamid
  • Rasheed Al Kukhun
  • Seif Al Deen Sa'ed Al Deen
  • Mohammad Al-Baz
  • General Manger
  • Ali Hijawi
Contact Information:

Tel: +970 9 2324010

Fax: +970 9 2324011