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Palestinian Electric Company

Palestine Electric Company (PEC)

PEC was established in Gaza in 1999 as a public shareholding company, with a paid-in capital of USD 60 million, the company’s business scope includes establishing electricity generating plants in the territories of Palestinian National Authority and carry out all operations necessary for the production and generation of electricity. In 2004, the company began its commercial operation of the power plant at 140 megawatts, and its shares were listed for trading in the Palestine Exchange in the same year.

Gaza Power Generating Company (GPGC) is the first project of the Palestine Electric Company and its owned and affiliated company that works as its investment arm in the sector of operating power generating plants. The company enjoys exclusive rights to generate electricity in Gaza strip according to the signed agreements with the Palestinian Authority.

  • Board of Directors
  • Samer Khoury - Chairman
  • Waleed Salman - Vice chairman
  • Nabil Sarraf
  • Tareq Aggad
  • Talal Nasereddin
  • Hani Ali
  • Marwan Salloum
  • Bassim Khoury
  • Sahrhabeel Al-Zaem
  • Faisal Al Shawwa
  • Zuhair Osaily
  • Majed Al-Helou
  • Iyad Basal
  • Executive Managing Director
  • Walid Salman
Contact Information:

Tel: +972 8 2888600

Fax: +972 8 2888607