Padico Holding

Chairman’s letter

Chairman’s letter

For almost three decades, PADICO Holding has successfully contributed to the prosperity of the Palestinian people through sustainable growth of the national economy. We believe a strong economy is foundational to the realization of Palestinian aspirations of independent governance and self-determination.

PADICO is the largest, most successful, and highest value holding company in the Palestinian private sector. Its unique business model targets emerging and high-growth industry sectors for investment and stewardship.  PADICO’s corporate strengths and well-established track record allow us to assume greater risk and to pour needed capital into distressed and volatile areas such as Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. We develop mutually beneficial partnerships within each sector and with ancillary industries to help achieve the type of 3600 integration that guarantees value for shareholders.

PADICO has two inseparably linked priorities; one to our shareholders and the other to the collective well-being of the Palestinian people.  We recommit ourselves daily to the realization of these goals through operational integrity, clear strategy and informed governance.  As we build and grow, we create new job opportunities, channel the energy of our dynamic youth and keep pace with the global economy.

I am honored by the trust you have placed in us. We continue our work to earn that trust and exceed your expectations

Bashar Masri