Padico Holding


FAQ for Shareholders

  • How can investors trade in the market?

    Though opening a trading account at one of the brokerage firms.

  • What are the names of the brokerage firms?

    Go to PEX website for brokers’ names and addresses (click here).

  • Can an investor perform an order (buy/Sell) by themselves in the market?

    No, only through a broker.

  • Can an investor cancel their order in the market?

    Yes, by sending the request to the broker or through the e-trading system.

  • When was PADICO established?

    PADICO was established in 14th October 1993 as a limited shareholding company.

  • Where is PADICO listed?

    PADICO is listed on Palestine Securities Exchange (PEX).

  • When was the share listed?

    The share was listed on 1997.

  • I’d like to know more about PADICO Group’s companies.

    Go to investments at the top menu.

  • When does the fiscal year end?

    December 31.

  • When do you announce fiscal results?

    April 15.

  • Where can I find financial materials about your business results?

    Go to Investor Relations at the top menu then choose annual reports or financial disclosures.

  • What accounting standard do you apply?

    International Financial Report Standards (IFRSs).

  • What is the stock code and ticker symbol?


  • How many shares are in the minimum trading unit?

    One share.

  • What is the current share price?

    Go to our home page or to the Stock Quotes PEX Market Watch (click here).