Padico Holding



Since 1993, PADICO Holding has been promoting elements of development in key sectors of the Palestinian economy through its investment activities, and reasserting its place as the first leading investment group in Palestine, with an estimate of 6,500 shareholders and a paid-in capital of USD 250 million. PADICO’s investments and its listed and unlisted companies’ value exceeds USD 2 billion distributed among vital sectors across Palestine that include telecommunications, real estate, financial,  industrial, agricultural, tourism, industrial zones,  infrastructure and energy.

PADICO Holding launches long-term sustainable development projects that open new horizons for permanent investment in Palestine, while providing impact on improving the Palestinian economy by aiming to reach sustainable development goals and achieve positive returns on investments to meet our shareholders expectations.  PADICO Holding continues its success and accomplishments, making us a leading model in successful investments, despite all the challenges and difficulties facing development in Palestine.

Our Vision

    We invest to achieve economic advancement in Palestine through initiating and launching economically viable projects in various sectors aiming for sustainable development.

Our Mission

    To launch long-term sustainable development projects that stimulate new perspectives for development in Palestine and create employment opportunities for our youthful generations.