• Palestine Development and Investment, Ltd. (PADICO HOLDING) was founded in 1993. PADICO is vigorous make of high-profile Palestinian and Arab businessmen. This initiative vehemently aimed at contributing to building the Palestinian economy through the implementation of a diversity of developmental projects in vital economic sectors.
  • PADICO HOLDING  paid-in capital is 250 million shares, with a nominal value of one USD per share, and is traded on The Palestine Exchange (PEX) since 1997.
  • The base of PADICO HOLDING shareholders grew gradually over past years from 710 shareholders in 1998 to about 7000 shareholders in 2019. PADICO HOLDING attracts investors from Palestine, Jordan, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region as well as investors from international markets.


PADICO HOLDING is strictly dedicated to building a viable Palestinian economy, hence, Our Company, the founders, subsidiaries, affiliates and shareholders abide to fostering and implementing investment projects in vital economic sectors in Palestine. This engagement is mirrored in investment projects leading to create job opportunities, launching pioneer economic initiatives and developing partnerships between the public and private sectors. To this end, PADDICO HOLDING has been a key player in attracting local and international investors to invest in Palestine.


Along with its commitment to viably engage in Palestine, PADICO HOLDING is, committed, as well, to a set of social and moral obligations towards its employees and the local community. The Company upholds to high standards within its corporate value system; it embraces strong corporate governance principles that are compliant with global best practices. As a leading national company, PADICO HOLDING abides by an ethical code of conduct throughout all of its professional practices and activities, aiming at ensuring good citizenship practices and dedication in workplace. Additionally, the Company continuously endeavors to enhance its internal work environment, adopt socially responsible choices of our investment projects, and implement community developmental initiatives.

PADICO HOLDING mission and commitment to foster developing the Palestinian economy is made attainable through a group of subsidiaries and affiliates that invest in key sectors of the Palestinian economy, in line with the company's strategic approaches. Thus, they have investment entities in various economic sectors, including financial services, real estate, tourism, infrastructure, renewable energy sources, manufacturing, agriculture and industrial zones. In general, the growth in the profits of PADICO HOLDING is mostly dependent on the performance of subsidiaries and affiliates.

PADICO HOLDING investment strategy, which is an investment- oriented strategy in diverse sectors of economy, has enabled Our Company to become a model private equity firm and a leading investment and development company in Palestine.

PADICO HOLDING is a leading investment company with a long-term development orientation; it occupies a leading position on the map of economy in Palestine. Over the past years, the company has demonstrated a recognized ability to engage in large-scale and promising guaranteed profit and cash-return generating projects. Members of the PADICO HOLDING Board of Directors have international expertise in various sectors of the economy and entrepreneurship, contributing to the enhancement of its vision and approaches and the development of a flexible strategy, based on diversification of investment to ensure accumulated returns that support both sustainability and engagement in active development.

 The Board of Directors’ steadfast vision and sensible planning have contributed to maintain the investment-oriented approaches of PADICO HOLDING in spite of all challenges, as PADICO HOLDING strategy is based on investment diversification, which has enabled the company to achieve continuous returns over the past years despite the difficult circumstances.