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Communications and information technology

Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel)

Paltel was founded in 1995 as a public shareholding company, it’s considered the largest company listed in the Palestine Exchange in terms of market value. Paltel connects Palestine through a leading and advanced network of information technologies, communications, cloud computing, managed services and  information security for public sector, companies and individuals. In 1999, the Palestine Cellular Communications Company (Jawwal) emerged from Paltel as the first company to provide cellular services in Palestine, and lately, Paltel’s efforts were crowned with launching internet services via fiber-optic networks to homes, raising the average internet speed in Palestine and meeting the future’s virtual reality’s needs.

  • Board of Directors
  • Sabih Masri - Chairman
  • Bashar Masri - Deputy Chairman
  • Zahi Khoury
  • Talal Nasereddin
  • Yazid Mufti
  • Mohammed Masri
  • Mughith Sukhtian
  • Fadi Dweik
  • Abdallah Sabat
  • Lina Fattom
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Abdel Majeed Melhem
  • Deputy Chief Executive Officer
  • Ibrahim Khurman
Contact Information:

Tel: +970 2 2944019

Fax: +970 2 2350305