Chairman's Message


On behalf of the PADICO Board of Directors and our entire team, welcome. I look forward to sharing with you information about our company, its strategic investments in key sectors and how they have significantly shaped and strengthened the Palestinian national economy. The breadth and scope of the company’s achievements are second only to the positive impact those achievements have had on the lives of Palestinians. Looking back at a quarter-century of progress, the belief we can create the positive change we want to see is confirmed.

PADICO’s talented teams have pioneered innovative investment models in vital industries, employing tens of thousands of Palestinians. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and persistence in the face of adversity, we have greatly advanced the cause of the Palestinian people.

This path has been neither easy nor smooth as we have charted a course through some of the most fraught years in our history. PADICO invested in real estate, tourism, agriculture and financial services sectors in addition to establishing industrial zones and constructing key infrastructure networks.  Its founders knew without a strong economic foundation our dreams of a prosperous Palestinian nation would be difficult to achieve.

Early in 2019, our general assembly elected a new Board of Directors. The incoming members bring fresh perspective and a diverse range of experiences to the already impressive wisdom and deep institutional knowledge of the existing board. Nothing less than truly phenomenal progress should be expected of such a dynamic team.

On behalf of PADICO’s family, I thank our shareholders for their support. We remain fully committed to investing in Palestine for the benefit of its people.


Bashar Masri

Chairman of the Board