Future Vision

  •  Concentrating investments in areas difficult-to-invest in, specifically the Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.
  • Focusing on improving operational processes at all companies and projects where PADICO Holding and its subsidiaries have investment. This is through raising competency and enhancing efficiency at all operation and production centers by rationalizing administrative expenses, controlling operating costs and enhancing revenues and diversifying their sources.
  •  Paying more attention to projects and companies operating at vital sectors where PADICO Holding is currently investing, especially the real estate, industrial zones, and alternative energy sectors whereby these investments become a main driving force for medium and long-term profits. This is through expanding the base of those investments by entering in new projects and ideally using the assets and potential of current projects.
  • Investing in new development projects at promising sectors and focusing on infrastructure and clean energy sectors.
  • Reducing the indebtedness of PADICO so as to be restricted to supporting loans during the upcoming period.