Institute for Palestinian Studies and PADICO sign a memorandum of understanding to sponsor cultural activities

Ramallah, Palestine

The Institute for Palestine Studies represented by the manager of the Palestine branch, Mr. Khalid Farraj, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Palestine Development and Investment Co., Ltd. "PADICO" represented by its CEO Mr. Samir Hulileh. According to the memorandum PADICO will support a number of cultural activities and publications carried out by the Institute for Palestine Studies, including sponsorship of the annual conference held by the center.

The tenth annual conference held by the Institute for Palestine Studies in November, focused on Palestinian culture. The conference highlighted Palestinian cultural production as a framework for developing Palestinian identity, by defending and formulating it on the one hand, and by forming a repository of major questions relating to actual identity on the other. The conference also discussed the central role played by culture in the post-Nakba period, in order to devote efforts to withstand existential danger and the fierce war of survival as the target was uprooting Palestine and its idea, and turning it into either pre-historic ruins, according to the Zionist narrative, or reducing it to lost Arab rubble in limbo, according to the prevailing Arab approach.

As for PADICO Holding’s sponsorship of the tenth Annual Conference held by the Center for Palestine Studies, and support of the book titled "Palestine in Film" issued by the center; CEO of PADICO, Mr. Samir Hulileh said that this support was in the framework of PADICO’s interest in the cultural aspect within its social responsibility programs. Furthermore, PADICO believes that cultural development comes through intellectual enlightenment and that advancement of the collective consciousness is a vital task that is directly integrated with sustainable development, which PADICO is looking to promote.

Hulileh added that PADICO is interested in supporting cultural events and activities dedicated to awareness of the Palestinian cause, and that stimulate social memory to call back its history so that it will remain vivid and active in the face of attempts at searing the Palestinian people’s awareness. Hulileh explained that cultural work is a vital element of national identity, which plays a key role in keeping national memory from corrosion. It also maintains the Palestinian identity from self-obliteration and degeneration, especially in light of the cultural globalization that the world is witnessing, which is characterized by information dumping that threatens the cultural identity of communities transcending all geographic barriers.



On his part, Director of the Institute for Palestine Studies / Palestine branch, Mr. Khalid Faraj, expressed his gratitude to PADICO for this agreement, which reveals honest national feelings, while alluding to the importance of this kind of support, which in turn strengthens the Arab Palestinian struggle in the ongoing and difficult confrontation with Israel.

It is worth mentioning that the Institute for Palestine Studies is an independent Arab organization that was founded in 1963. Its purpose is to conduct scientific research on various aspects of the Palestinian cause and the Arab – Zionist struggle. The Institution does not have any governmental or organizational links. It is a non-profit body.