St. George Hotel Receives the Palestine Exporter Award of 2017

The St. George Hotel in Jerusalem, owned by the Jerusalem Development and Investment Company (JEDICO), received the Palestine Exporter Hotel of 2017 for inbound tourism. The award was presented during a ceremony hosted by the Palestine Trade Center (PalTrade) at the Carmel Hotel in Ramallah City, under the sponsorship and presence of the Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Al Hamdallah.

The Palestinian Minister of National Economy Abeer Odeh, Minister of Agriculture Dr. Sufian Sultan, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Rula Maaya and Head of PalTrade Board of Directors Arafat Asfour attended the ceremony, along with several representatives of the Palestinian private sector and many businessmen and women.

The General Manager of PADICO Tourism, Kareem Abdul Hadi, expressed how proud he was that the St. George Hotel received the award that is considered a main motivation for exporters in several sectors. He added that this is all part of the attention and appreciation that is given to a variety of sectors, especially tourism. Abdul Hadi pointed out the obvious increase in the percentage of Palestinian exports and visitors to Palestine.

Abdul Hadi said: “With the attention we are witnessing from both the public and private sectors, we feel that our responsibility has become greater, and therefore we should focus more on achieving more." He also thanked all who contributed to the success of the ceremony.

He added that: “St. George is facing several challenges, especially as it is located in occupied Jerusalem,” pointing out that St. George Hotel is the largest hotel in Jerusalem City on terms of space, employment and annual tourist rates. Abdul Hadi confirmed that these indicators increase and improve in parallel with the quality of provided services and their number. This comes upon PADICO’s decision to invest in the hotels sector in Jerusalem, to be a pioneer company taking up this challenge, while the real return of this investment had a Jerusalemite appeal.

For his part, Member of PADICO Holding’s Board of Directors and Chairman of the Board of Executives, Bashar Masri, said: “we, at PADICO Holding, are proud that the St. George Hotel is receiving this award, although many considered are investment in this sector in Jerusalem a jeopardy, yet, we go through this adventure insisting to succeed and move forward with this investment to a broader horizon,” pointing out that with the 57% growth in the tourism sector - the highest in the world, “the award that PADICO Tourism received through St. George Hotel inspires us to increase our efforts to move forward as exporters of inbound tourism, our existence in Jerusalem City on its own is considered a qualitative addition and a main motivation for us to more forward with even more determination, for the special place that the city has in our hearts.

Masri confirmed that PADICO always aims to develop the various sectors of investment. Aside from creating job opportunities and improving the different patterns of production, PADICO has taken up the responsibility to pave the road for more various investments as a contribution to sustainable development in its investment sectors, which also comes from the company’s sense of national responsibility as a leading and a pioneering company in Palestine.