Investors' Reports

Palestine Development & Investment Company (PADICO) Shareholders



Within the framework of Alpha Mena financial research coverage of the results of Palestine Development & Investment Company (PADICO), on Tuesday, 24/7/2018, the new financial report for PADICO published. The report included an analysis of the company's activities, in addition, an analysis of the performance and financial position. The expected results presented based on the financial models of the analysis and the expectations adopted by the research company. Accordingly, a financial assessment of the company's expected value was prepared through several methods of global financial assessment. Based on, the company's target price was set at USD 1.88 per share, 46% higher than the current price per share.



It is worth mentioning that Palestine Stock Exchange (PEX) selected the research company and the company publishes its reports on several platforms, which are among the most important news platforms in the field such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Capital IQ.


Based on that, and without expressing an opinion or making an investment recommendation regarding the expectations included in the financial report ., PADICO believes in the importance of these reports that are prepared by experts and independent companies. Based on its importance in spreading financial and economic awareness and expectations. Experts on the actual values ​​of listed companies, which helps shareholders to make successful investment decisions based on the basis and financial information more accurate and based on professional financial analysis and studied.