Industry Sector

The total investments of PADICO HOLDING in the industrial and agricultural sector amounted to USD 47 million, equivalent to 8% of the total investments by the end of 2019.

Palestine Industrial Investment Company- PIIC

PADICO HOLDING established a Nablus-based Palestine Industrial Investment Company (PIIC), as a holding company in 1995, PIIC evolved into PADICO HOLDING investment arm in the industrial sector. The company invests in light, medium, and heavy industries, in addition to in the establishment and management of productive and industrial companies in the sectors of livestock. PIIC owns major shares in many subsidiaries, namely:

Board of Directors

• Mr. Nidal M. Sukhtian - Chairman

• Mr. Amjad Hassoun - Vice Chairman of the Board

• Mr. Shadi Al-Khatib

• Mr. Hamad Al-Masri

• Mr. Mahdi Al-Masri

• Mr. Mazen Hosni

• Dr. Ahmad Ramahi

• Mr. Abdelmajid Melhem

• Mr. Jamal Hourani

Executive manager

  • Mr. Abdulhakim Fokha

Contact information

Phone: +972 (0) 9 2386180

Fax: +972 (0) 9 2384354

PO Box: 1769 Nablus - Palestine