Palestine Exchange (PEX)

Palestine Exchange (PEX)

Palestine Exchange (PEX) was established in 1995 with a paid-up capital of USD 10 million as a private joint stock company. The first trading session was held on 18 February 1997. The Stock Exchange became a public shareholding company as of February 2010, in response to the principles of transparency and good governance.


For almost about 15 years now, Palestine Exchange (PEX) has maintained its existence under difficult political and economic unrest. PEX was able to position itself among emerging markets as a robust exchange on the international investment agenda.


PEX strives to provide an enabling environment for equitable, transparent and competitive trading that   maintains the best interest of investors. PEX is main headquarter is located in Nablus (North of the West Bank).


In 2012, Palestine Exchange (PEX) issued an IPO and publically became a Joint Stock Company.

Executive Board Management

Maher Masri

Abdallah Sabat

Ziad Turk

Faisal Awartani

Ahmad Zuaiter

Nihad Kamal

Faisal Omar


  • Mr.  Ahmed Awaida

Contact Information

Tel: +971 2 390999

Fax: +39 09 390998

128, Nablus, Palestine