Executive Club

As part of the restructuring process of PADICO Holding investment portfolio to improve the performance of the Group investments, the Executive Club, managed by the first specialized leisure company since the beginning of November, has suspended the restaurant business, and transformed the club into health and sports club.

Board of Directors

  • Mr. Zahi Khoury, Chairman
  • Mr.  Karim Abdel Hadi
  • Mr. Dina El Masri
  • Mr. Bilal Abu Hijla
  • Mr.  Samer Shehadeh

General Director

  • Mr.  Karim Abdel Hadi

Contact information

Phone: 0097022960909

Fax: 0097022964111

PO Box 82, Ramallah, Palestine

Email: info@eclub.ps

Website: www.eclub.ps