Al-Mashtal Tourism Investment Company, owner of Al-Mashtal Hotel- Gaza.

After its establishment in 2000, the company began constructing and developing a five-star hotel on the beach of Gaza city. As a result of the circumstances in the strip as well as the lack of progress in the political and national reconciliation issues, the company had to terminate its operation contract with the Spanish company and started to manage the hotel with a new Palestinian cadre, comprised of an experienced and highly qualified staff.


Despite these challenges, Al-Mashtal hotel succeeded in hosting hundreds of visitors who arrived in the Gaza Strip through the border crossing with Egypt, international institutions staff and foreign journalists. The hotel is currently equipped to provide all services for tourists, including conference rooms for workshop, in addition to 225 hotel five-star hotel rooms. The hotel also provides office rental services, which have attracted embassies and representations of a number of European countries.

Board of Directors

  • Mr.  Zahi Khoury, Chairman
  • Mr.  Samir Hleileh, Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Omar Bitar
  • Mr.  Ahmed Jamjoom
  • Mr.  Sharhabeel the leader
  • Mr.  Halim Al – Halabi
  • Mr.  Walid Salman
  • Mr.  Younes Abu Samra


  • Mr.  Wadia al-Masri

Contact information

Tel: +972 (8) 28532500

Fax: +972 (8) 2985151

PO Box 4049, Al-Rimal, Gaza, Palestine


Website: AlmastalHotelGaza