Jerusalem Tourism Investment Company, owner of St. George Hotel

The Jerusalem-based company was established in 1994 in, with a capital of USD 20 million to invest in tourism projects in Jerusalem, especially in hospitality industry. It had been officially inaugurated in 2012. During this year, the hotel saw an increased number of residents, both as groups and individuals. The hotel has hosted a number of receptions, private parties, conferences, meetings of governmental and non-governmental organizations, and accommodated guests from different countries and nationalities.

Board of Directors

  • Mr.  Zahi Khoury, Chairman
  • Mr.  Samir Hulileh, Vice Chairman
  • Mr.  Omar Bitar
  • Mr.  Albert Agazarian
  • Mr.  Ahmed Jamjoom

General Manager

  • Mr. Karim Abdel Hadi

Contact Information

Tel: 009726273399

Fax: 0097225793161

PO Box: 69272 Jerusalem, Palestine