Nakheel Palestine Company

A number of PADICO HOLDING subsidiaries launched NAKHEEL Palestine Company in March, 2010 as a private limited shareholding company with a total capital of USD 14 million. The company primarily specializes in the cultivation, packaging and marketing of the best types of Palestinian dates like Majdoul and Burhi. The company's six farms are located in the outskirts of Jericho, where agricultural experts pay daily attention to 42,000 palm trees covering a total area of 3.5 million m2

In 2018, the company was able to complete agricultural, packing and marketing work for 2018-2019 season at record time and high quality, thus introducing Palestinian Medjoul dates to global markets. The company is still successfully marketing its products in more than 20 countries locally and internationally. It also developed marketing at those markets through effective participations in global food exhibitions, such as SIAL Paris, SIAL Abu Dhabi, and Gulfood which is held annually in Dubai.

It’s worth mentioning that the company has been awarded several local and global certificates, including Al-Halal certificates which are given by the Palestinian Standards Institution. It also won the Global G.A.P certificate, and the Food Safety System 22000 because it adopts the global food safety system as it successfully passes verification every year.


Board of Directors



Fuad Najjab

Palestine Development & Investment L.T.D (PADICO)

Chairman of the Board

Khaled Anabtawi


Vice chairman

Jafar Abu- Libdeh

Palestine Development & Investment L.T.D (PADICO)

Board Member

Mohammed Sawafta


Board Member

Samer Al-Sabe’

Acting General Manager

Mr. Fuad Najjab

Contact Information

Fax:                +970 (0) 2 232 0791
P.O Box:         P.O. Box 18, Jericho, Palestine