Palestine Poultry Company “Aziza”- PPC

Established by Palestine Industrial Investment Company in 1997, Palestine Poultry Company AZIZA became one of the largest projects in livestock sector in Palestine. The company’s main activities revolve around manufacturing feeds, breeding broiler chicken, producing and selling hatching eggs and founding slaughter house of poultry.


AZIZA skilful policy builds upon improving performance, developing projects, raising production capacity in line with the increasing demand and growing markets. The company also realizes the importance of preserving communication channels to achieve high customer satisfaction, throughout all stages of work, even after the sale.

Board of Directors

  • Mr.  Abdul Hakim Fakaha, Chaiman
  • Mr.  Amjad Hassoun, Vice Chairman
  • Mr.  Jamal Abu Amr
  • Mr.  Ghaleb Fares
  • Mr.  Fathi Mustafa
  • Mr.  Ghassan Ghanem
  • Mr.  Zuhdi Khawaja
  • Mr.  Hamad Al-Masri
  • Mr.  Mohamed Hassouna
  • Mr.  Sahin Sahin


  • Mr.  Jamil Ahmed

Contact Information