Rabiyat AlQuds Project

Rabiyat AlQuds Project is a residential project located in the heart of the Holy City, Shurufat neighborhood, Beit Safafa, Jerusalem. The project is situated with a spectacular view and strategic location.  Rabiyat AlQuds is the first PADICO HOLDING  residential project, to be implemented by Jerusalem- based Trade and Investment Company, , with initial plans for 10 buildings in the first stage. TAICO, a PADICO HOLDING subsidiary, directly supervises design, planning, licensing, and implementation of the project.


During the second quarter of 2014, PADICO HOLDING completed the external designs of the buildings, public facilities, and surrounding areas. The internal design were modified and approved.


The design concept is unique in Jerusalem; it is based on designing an integral neighborhood with common green area that allows residents to interact within the local community and encourages them to establish socialize. Privacy of each building is sacredly preserved. Moreover, there is a protected recreational l environment for children, offering the parents maximum safety for their children. This characteristic would not be allowed without the special design of the architectural spaces and the beautiful protected environment. The company would implement the project using cutting-edge materials and the latest modern engineering artifacts internally and externally, in order to reflect the importance of the quality investment PADICO HOLDING promotes. 


PADICO HOLDING is also working out a plan to increase construction in the ten buildings upon obtaining the license, 14 apartments will be added to increase the number of apartments from 82 to 96. 


PADICO HOLDING vehemently considers the importance of supporting the steadfastness of the Palestinians in the Holy City of Jerusalem.  There is a vast shortage of licensed residential apartments that meet the requirements and specifications set by Jerusalem Municipality. Wherefore, PADICO HOLDING undertook the preparation of an organizational plan for the remaining block of the project not exploited in practice. This block is divided into 12 building areas, if exploited, the ratio of construction to will rise to 240% (original classification 120%), reaching six floors per building. In addition to introducing a new classification to the commercial areas that include offices, coffee shops, supermarkets, as well as residential areas, to increase the number of apartments that can be licensed.


During January 2016, the company was able file plans in order to pull permits before work begins on10 residential buildings and 2 commercial centers. If it happens, number of the project units would reach at least 140 additional apartments based on the new plan and compared to the existing 93 apartments.

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