Jericho Gate Real Estate Investment Company

Jericho Gate Real Estate Investment Company was established in 2011 by PADICO HOLDING, Palestine Telecommunications Company (PALTEL) and Palestine Real Estate Investment Company (PRICO).With a total capital of JD 35 million, it is one of its most important strategic projects which took the responsibility of becoming a primary part of Jericho’s inclusive plan, which is premised turning Jericho into a major tourist and economic destination in the country.


Jericho Gate seeks to implement a mega developmental tourism project, the first of its kind in Palestine. The project consists of developing various tourism and entertainment facilities that include establishing residential villas, resorts and hotels, sports complex, amusement parks and water parks, commercial center and other entertainment and tourism facilities. The proposed project is expected to cater to the needs of the local as well as international tourism in Palestine.


The components of the action plan will attract all segments of investors and visitors through the establishment of model residential neighborhoods and hotels in addition to recreational facilities, including the water park and carting tracks. The company completed the action plan schedules for the completion of the main square on 100 dunums and outdoor pool on 40 dunums. Jericho Gate will be the historical and key monument edifice of the whole project.

Board of Directors


Palestine Telecommunications (Paltel)

Ammar Al-Aker

Vice Chairman

Palestine Telecommunications (Paltel)

Salameh Khalil

Board Member

Palestine Development & Investment L.T.D (PADICO)

Nabil Sarraf

Board Member

Palestine Telecommunications (Paltel)

Kamil Saadeddin

Board Member

Palestine Development & Investment L.T.D (PADICO)

Nimer Abdulwahed

General Manager

Mr. Waleed Fteha

Contact Information

Tel.: +970 2316163

Fax: +970 2316162

PO Box 76 Jericho, Palestine