PADICO HOLDING sought to pin out the cumbersome difficulties facing Palestinian economy and discuss feasible solutions. Therefore, PADICO HOLDING sponsored The Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS) 2016 economic conference, Ramallah, and titled “Towards a New Vision for the Advancement of the Palestinian Economy”. PADICO HOLDING grasped the opportunity to present a thesis summarizing its vision towards promoting the Palestinian economy.


PADICO HOLDING also sponsored the 6th Yousif A. Sayegh Memorial Development Lecture, organized by the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS). The lecture, titled “Arab Development: From Dependence to Self-reliance” highlighted the feasibility of the development process in Palestine under unfavorable political conditions.


PADICO HOLDING is keen to stimulate active exporters to drive growth of Palestine's new quality products that satisfy market requirements and exports to international markets. To this end, PADICO HOLDING sponsored “Palestine Exporter Award 2016” organized by PalTrade. The award is part of PalTrade efforts in collaboration public and private sectors to showcase Palestinian economic capabilities and to support access to new international markets.


PADICO HOLDING is also ardent to the strategic partnership with the Institute of Community Partnership, Bethlehem University. This partnership, mainly targeting the Vocational Training Program in the Tourism Sector came to light out of PADICO HOLDING recognition of the importance of promoting tourism sector in Palestine.


Five years now, PADICO HOLDING  has been sponsoring the 5th Palestinian Conference on Human Resources Management, titled "Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education", and organized by the Palestine Ahliya University (PAUC).


PADICO HOLDING sponsored the Investor Relations Conference (IR). It was the umbrella for bringing together private actors to develop the concept of social responsibility in Palestine.


PADICO HOLDING has also sponsored the Palestinian Economists Association by funding the expenses of the economic education programs and efforts to shed light on the Palestinian economy and challenges.