Leadership and creativity

Equipping students with entrepreneurial spirit and self-imitativeness would structurally support the Palestinian economy and pin out the cumbersome difficulties facing Palestinian university graduates, PADICO HOLDING believes. The Palestinian people have an impressive youth and university graduates potential.  PADICO HOLDING manifested admirable attention by creating the most strategic program “TAMAYYAZ”, A program that provides university graduates with incentives for continuous learning and to enhance their ability to keep up with the latest developments in their field of work, and build up their critical thinking spectrums.


TAMAYYAZ: Citizenship, Leadership, Creativity


TAMAYYAZ is a strategic program launched by PADICO HOLDING in late 2012 in partnership with Sharek Youth Forum and the International Youth Foundation (IYF), later, Silatech Foundation became partner. To this end, the program aims at facilitating the integration of Palestinian graduates into the labor market by exposing them to a wide range of experiences designed to increase their competitive edge in the job market


In order to enrich the content of the program and its suitability to the labor market, PADICO HOLDING held preparatory meetings, several preparatory workshops and brainstorming sessions to launch the program. It was very keen to engage Local experts from Palestinian universities, as well as international experts who explored the most important obstacles facing Palestinian graduates. As concluded, there is a mismatch between the skills of Palestinian graduates and the labor market needs which are constantly changing at an accelerated pace.


The students of TAMAYYAZ are presented to a long-term quality experience; hence, they can acquire various life and individual skills required in the labor market, such as communication skills and time management. Students are introduced to inspiring experiences, success stories. They are given the opportunity to experience life in coexistence camps held in coordination with the Palestinian National Security Forces. TAMAYYAZorganizes group tours such as camping in the rural areas of Palestine. All these experiences together contribute to refining the personality of the graduates, enhancing his competitiveness and facilitating his engagement in the labor market.


Five years today, TAMAYYAZ has undoubtedly become a national program of nine partner universities in the West Bank and two universities in the Gaza Strip. Since its inception, the program has benefited more than 800 students, many of whom have achieved remarkable success stories in their careers.


The TAMAYYAZ program allocates most activities to firmly entrench a culture of volunteering among beneficiary graduates, promote the idea of giving gratis and other national and moral values that entrench the spirit of belonging and citizenship among the graduates of the program. At the end of the program, students receive practical training opportunities in various companies and institutions.