PADICO HOLDING values culture as the most an important tool of intellectual enlightenment that contributes to the promotion of public awareness of society. Culture is an integral component of national identity. It plays a key role in preserving the national memory from erosion and the Palestinian identity from melting and decay. Cultural globalization, a classy term for information inundation and overloading, threatens the cultural identity of societies beyond all geographical barriers. Sponsoring cultural activities has always been a vital task that is directly integrated with the sustainable development of PADICO HOLDING social responsibility agenda. Based on this comprehensive vision of the development process, PADICO HOLDING  has particularly sponsored the cultural activities closely tackling the Palestinian cause and stimulating the collective memory  to remain live and effective in the face of the attempts to take away the awareness of the Palestinian people.


During 2016, PADICO HOLDING has made significant sponsorship to a diversity of cultural activities, most importantly the 10th Annual Conference on Palestinian Culture organized by the Palestinian Studies Institute.

PADICO HOLDING continues sponsors for the Digitalization of Audio and Visual Archives Project, implemented by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), a project aimed at preserving the Palestinian audio-visual heritage.


PADICO HOLDING sponsors several cultural programs implemented by Al Ata'a Benevolent Association such as the National Reading Week, The Book Fair (on the scene) and encouraging children to read campaigns.


PADICO HOLDING  sponsors Haidar Abdul Shafi Center for Culture and Development, Gaza Strip activities such as training, educational meetings and awareness raising sessions.


PADICO HOLDING also funds the annual conference of the Palestinian Center for Israeli Studies (MADAR), which is held annually to discuss the results of the Strategic Report.