Out of deep esteem to its employees and the public, PADICO HOLDING continuously endeavors to enhance an internal comfortable and safe work environment based on respect.  

We have developed a strong believe in creating and managing the best working environment as a major responsibility.  For the best manifestations of equality, fairness and respect for our employees’ human rights, the company keeps a critical eye on all practices. It also stimulates internal discussion by organizing vacations and workshops. The company is keen to respect constructive pluralism, equal opportunity, and non-discrimination within the working environment.


  • Ethical code of conduct

PADICO HOLDING abides by an ethical code of conduct throughout all of its professional activities, aiming to regulate administration/employees internal relations and practices. Our Company is committed to the best administrative practices, and thereof, it is a role model in Palestine.


  • Training and Capacity-Building

PADICO HOLDING has organized annual staff retreats and workshops to determine the strategy approaches and assess staff capacity building needs.

The company has provided PADICO HOLDING staff and the staff of its subsidiaries and affiliates several training courses for our staff in the following fields:

Corporate Governance, Leadership Skills, Mergers & Acquisitions, Quality Management, Project Management, Public Relations Strategies, Investor Relations, Globalization and Market Economy, English, Feasibility Studies, Public Speaking Skills, leadership, Economic Policies, International Trade, Public Diplomacy, Negotiation and decision-making skills, and the development of social responsibility programs.


  • Individual and institutional volunteering

PADICO HOLDING encourages its employees to participate volunteer work as individuals in their spare time and as employees in their working hours. The company seeks to instill a culture of volunteerism among its employees through motivation. PADICO HOLDING considers voluntary work part of the job evaluation in order to encourage organizational volunteerism by implementing programs to sponsor specific issues, projects or specific events.