PADICO HOLDING believes education is the cornerstone of achieving the desired development goals. This sector has always been a constant concern for PADICO HOLDING. Unsurprisingly, developmental assistance goes to educational funds, scholarships, networking with universities and sponsoring various educational activities.


2016 witnessed a diversification of PADICO HOLDING investments in education. The company continues its annual direct support to university students through its special scholarship program, which aims at helping hundreds of the needy local university students throughout Palestine by annually covering tuition fees in the amount of USD 50 thousand.


Subsequently, as part of PADICO HOLDING supported projects relevant to education, the Company sponsored Notebook and Pen Erase Pain Campaign implemented by Give Palestine Association in order to help meet the basic needs of the needy schools students at the beginning of the new academic year. Bags and stationery were distributed to elementary school students from the first grade to the fourth. The society is leading in the fields of development and humanitarian projects in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and marginalized West Bank villages. Hundreds of Palestinians benefited from the services of hundreds of Palestinian families and children. It has had a good impact on strengthening the steadfastness of the citizens under difficult circumstances, especially children who received psychological and cultural support.


PADICO HOLDING is keen to needy community segments with exceptional circumstances limiting their proper involvement in society and take normal active role. In this regard, it sponsored SOS Village, Bethlehem, a leading global institution operating in more than 130 countries, to empower children. By supporting the Education for a Better Future Program PADICO HOLDING covered the school tuitions for more than 270 children and youngsters registered in Family Care programs implemented by the institution in Bethlehem and Rafah located SOS villages.


PADICO HOLDING is devoted to sponsor the activities and educational programs of INJAZ Palestine, a non-profitable organization led by private sector companies. It works on providing Palestinian students with series of practical lectures conducted by volunteers from the private sector to promote economic opportunities among the Palestinian youth.  


PADICO HOLDING has sponsored the Arab Digital Expression Camp (ADEC), a non-profit development-oriented organization that seeks to empower Arab youngsters and youth by creating supportive education and learning environment, supporting free culture, developing skills, building knowledge tools in Arabic and using numerological tools to express viewpoints.


PADICO HOLDING has also sponsored several educational projects, such as The Diana Kamal Scholarship Fund for Educational Research through the AMIDEAST, and continued to sponsor the The Student Program, Mahmoud Abbas Foundation which works on providing financial support to Palestinian students in Lebanon refugee camps. Over the past several years, PADICO HOLDING has also sponsored the late Rashid Khalil Erekat Foundation, to help Palestinian universities undergraduate students graduate.