Mr. Ziad Mohammed Turk

Mr. Ziad Mohammed Turk
  • Mr. Ziad Turk serves as Secretary General of the Palestine Development and Investment Company (PADICO) and the Regional Director of the company.


  • Mr. Turk holds various positions in the fields of civil aviation and trade in several countries. He also holds the management positions in the undertakings, agriculture, and transportation fields. He served as Deputy General Manager of (ASTRA) Construction Company, and the General Manager of (ASTRA) Transport Company.


  • Mr. Turk currently represents PADICO in a number of subsidiaries and allied companies' boards of directors; he is a board member of the Palestine Stock Market (Palestine Exchange), Palestine Real Estate Investment Company (PRICO), Jericho Gate Real Estate Investment Company, and Jerusalem Investment and Construction Company. In addition Mr. Turk is a member of the Audit Committee of PADICO Company and chairman of the Audit Committee of the Palestine Exchange Company (Palestine Stock Exchange).


  • Mr. Turk is a board member of several public joint stock companies in Jordan and Palestine, including Vice Chairman of Rum Agricultural Company, and Vice Chairman of the South Agricultural Company.


  • Mr. Turk received a Civil and Commercial Aviation certificate from the USA in 1971. He also holds other degrees in Business Administration.