Board Committees

The Board of Directors at PADICO HOLDING consists of thirteen members who are charged with oversight of the implementation of the strategic perspectives and future plans. They are responsible for supervising political and economic environments, assessing variables affecting future work environment, approving budgets, financial investment policies, regulations and financial statements. Several committees of the Board are mandated to perform certain tasks.


PADICO HOLDING is strongly committed to the best practices of the principles of good governance; decisions are routinely taken through majority vote. The Board members are required to hold a minimum of 100,000 shares of the Company’s stock. Neither the Chairman nor the other board members hold executive management positions within the Company or any of its affiliates.  Throughout 2016, the Board of Directors conducted 6 official meetings, a number of semi-official meetings and workshops in response to Our Company code of best practices.


Board of Directors’ Committees


The Board of Directors consists of several committees, as follows:

Executive Board


  • Eng. Nabil Al-Sarraf
  • Mr. Bashar F. Masri
  • Mr. Ammar Aker

Audit Committee

  • Mr. Yazid A. Mufti- Head of Committee
  • Mr. Kameel Saad Edeen
  • Mr. Ziad Turk

Legal Advisors

  • Al Musanadah Law Firm (Sanad Law Group in association with Eversheds)- International
  • Mr. Zaher Jardaneh
  • Mr. Haytham Al-Zubi

Main Banks

  • Arab Bank
  • Cairo Amman Bank

External Auditors

  • Ernst &Young