Mr. Samer M. Al Safadi

Mr. Samer M. Al Safadi
Head of the Shareholders Management Unit

PADICO HOLDING Shareholders Management Unit functions as the link between the shareholders and PADICO HOLDING. It manages buying and selling shares on the Palestine Exchange (PEX), distributing dividends and providing shareholders with annual reports and press releases. Moreover, the unit is responsible for the necessary arrangements for the regular and irregular annual General Assembly meetings.

  • Mr. Samer is the Head of the Shareholders Management Unit, PADICO HOLDING and the Secretary of the PADICO Staff Savings Committee.
  • Mr. Al-Safadi was a project manager, BOC and a Customer Relations Manager, DHL. He has worked in Information Systems Analysis and Library Management.
  • Mr. Al-Safadi holds a Master's degree in International Management from Salford University, Manchester, UK, and a BSc in Petroleum Geology and Computer Science from Yarmouk University, Jordan. He holds a Diploma in Business Administration from the New York Institute of Technology.
  • While working for Oasis 500, Mr. Safadi has been nominated as one of the ambitious entrepreneurs to develop entrepreneurship  and pioneer ideas in the ICT field, as well, he is a member of the Jordan Geologists Association.