PADICO HOLDING is a limited public shareholding company traded on the Palestine Exchange (PEX) with a paid-in capital of USD 250 million. Since its inception in 1993, its mission has been to develop and strengthen the Palestinian economy by investing in vital economic sectors. This mission was initiated by several Palestinian and Arab investors who had a clear patriotic goal, and a belief that the Palestinian market represents a unique business opportunity that could offer substantial returns.


The company’s shareholder base grew from 710 shareholders in 1998 to about 7810 shareholders in 2016, attracting institutional investors and funds from the MENA region and from well-established international markets in Europe. Today, PADICO HOLDING has grown its portfolio of investments to include almost every sector that is vital to nation building, with returns emanating from these investments that are rewarding for the shareholders. These sectors include telecommunications, tourism, real estate, energy and environment, manufacturing, finance and capital markets and agriculture.


PADICO HOLDING’s founders and shareholders seek to be a source of inspiration for other investors in order to ensure a generational commitment to nation building for many years to come. Although focused on Palestine and its economic potential, PADICO HOLDING maintains international standards and business practices, benefits from the experience of founders from across the region, and remains focused in its determination to forge ahead in building a nation.  

Esteemed Shareholders,

Twenty-two years ago, the milestones journey of the remarkable achievements of PADICO HOLDING embarked. Our Company was able to outnumbering various challenges and managed to overcome various political and economic difficulties and turbulences of the unstable economic situation In Palestine, along with the absence of a political solution that ends the occupation and guarantees the Palestinian citizens decent life in an independent state, we desire.

Our dream is an integral part of the great Palestinian dream, which are most likely interconnected: we are viciously working to realize our vision so as our people would enjoy a prosperous independent economy where pillars of citizenship, including diversity and human dignity, are respected.

We aspire towards a powerful economy that shapes a bright future and maintains the utmost dreams of our children, dreams that has been an intrinsic part of the passion and judgment of Our Company founders, shareholders, Heads of departments and units and the executive team of PADICO HOLDING , homeland and in Diaspora. The process of construction has emerged from the womb of wishes and aspirations; therefore, desires would become real.

The steadfastness of the Palest...

PADICO HOLDING realises its mission and commitment to foster the Palestinian economy through a group of affiliates and subsidiaries which invest in key sectors of the economy, in line with Our Company strategy, including real estate, telecommunications, tourism, industry, agriculture, the environment and financial services.

Often, the company's ability to increase profits depends on the performance of its subsidiaries and subsidiaries. PADICO HOLDING systematic investment strategy, which focuses on investing in various sectors and regions, has enabled it become a leading investment and development company in Palestine.

Nakheel Palestine Company
A number of PADICO HOLDING subsidiaries launched NAKHEEL Palestine Company in March, 2010 as a private limited shareholding company with a total capital of USD 13 million. The company primarily specializes in the cultivation, packaging and marketing of the best types of Palestinian dates like Al-Maj...
Palestine Exchange (PEX)
The Vegetable Oil Industries company (VOIC)
The Vegetable Oils Industries Company (VOICE) was established in 1953 and is one of the longest operating companies in Palestine. It produces vegetable oil products from non-hydrogenated palm oil, refined corn oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil which comply with international quality standards. I...
Al Pinar General Trading Company
Al Pinar General Trading Company is a leading Palestinian Company located in Al Bireh Industrial zone. It was established in 1999 as a family business, and later in 2006, it was acquired by group of young entrepreneur investors and became a joint limited company. By the end of 2015 and the beginning...
Palestine Plastic Industries Company.
Established in 1998, Palestine Plastic Industries Company mainly focuses on plastic pipes for water distribution networks as well as bottles of juice and water in different sizes and shapes. The products of the company are promoted in the local Palestinian market and exported in part to Jordan. In a...
National Carton Industry Company.
The Nablus-based National Carton Industry Company was established in 1993. NCI is a public shareholding company listed on Palestine Exchange (PEX) with a paid-in capital of USD 5 million. As a result of the swap that took place in December 2009 Between PADICO HOLDING  and PIIC, Palestine Indust...
Executive Club
As part of the restructuring process of PADICO Holding investment portfolio to improve the performance of the Group investments, the Executive Club, managed by the first specialized leisure company since the beginning of November, has suspended the restaurant business, and transformed the club into...
Al-Mashtal Tourism Investment Company, owner of Al-Mashtal Hotel- Gaza.
After its establishment in 2000, the company began constructing and developing a five-star hotel on the beach of Gaza city. As a result of the circumstances in the strip as well as the lack of progress in the political and national reconciliation issues, the company had to terminate its operation co...
Jerusalem Tourism Investment Company, owner of St. George Hotel
The Jerusalem-based company was established in 1994 in, with a capital of USD 20 million to invest in tourism projects in Jerusalem, especially in hospitality industry. It had been officially inaugurated in 2012. During this year, the hotel saw an increased number of residents, both as groups a...
Palestine Poultry Company “Aziza”- PPC
Established by Palestine Industrial Investment Company in 1997, Palestine Poultry Company AZIZA became one of the largest projects in livestock sector in Palestine. The company’s main activities revolve around manufacturing feeds, breeding broiler chicken, producing and selling hatching eggs a...
Palestine Tourism Investment Company Jacir Palace Hotel in Bethlehem
Following its inception in 1994, Palestine Tourism Investment Company worked on building a five-star hotel in the heart of Bethlehem city. The hotel was inaugurated in 2000 under the management of Intercontinental International Group.   PTIC changed the name of the hotel from Jacir Palace...
Rabiyat AlQuds Project
Rabiyat AlQuds Project is a residential project located in the heart of the Holy City, Shurufat neighborhood, Beit Safafa, Jerusalem. The project is situated with a spectacular view and strategic location.  Rabiyat AlQuds is the first PADICO HOLDING  residential project, to be implemented...
Jericho Gate Real Estate Investment Company
Jericho Gate Real Estate Investment Company was established in 2011 by PADICO HOLDING, Palestine Telecommunications Company (PALTEL) and Palestine Real Estate Investment Company (PRICO).With a total capital of JD 35 million, it is one of its most important strategic projects which took the responsib...
Palestine Real Estate Investment Company (PRICO)
PADICO HOLDING’s investments in the real estate sector amounted to USD 102.53 million.
Paltel Group
Paltel Group started its operations in Palestine in 1997 with Paltel, the public shareholding company. The Group provides state of the art services to the Palestinian end user. Its variety of services include: local and  international fixed telephony services, internet, data communications...
Jericho Gate
Jericho Gate seeks to implement a grand tourism development project, the first of its kind in Palestine. The project aims to develop a variety of tourist and recreational facilities, including the establishment of residential villas, hotels, resorts, sport city, amusement water park, commercial cent...
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