Palestine Exchange (PEX)


Palestine Exchange (PEX) was established in 1995 with a paid in capital of USD 10 Million as a private shareholding company and held its first trading session on February 18th, 1997.PEX has become a public shareholding company as of February 2010 responding to principles of transparency and good governance .

For nearly 15 years, PEX has maintained its presence under challenging political and economic conditions.PEX was able to position itself among emerging markets as a robust exchange on the international investment agenda.

PEX strives to provide an enabling environment for trading that is characterized by equity, transparency and competence, and serving and maintaining the interest of investors. PEX is based in Nablus city (North of the West Bank). In 2006, PEX opened a representative office in Ramallah. PEX issued an IPO and became a publically traded company in 2012.

Highlights and Current Projects

  • 1995: Established as a private shareholding company to promote investment in Palestine.
  • 1997: First trading session (18 February).
  • 2005: The Al-Quds Index had increased by 306% compared to 2004, recording the highest amongst the world Stock Exchanges.
  • 2006: Launch of the Investor Education Program.
  • 2007: Launch of E-Trade Service.
  • 2009: Ranked 33rd amongst International Stock Exchanges and 2nd in the region in terms of investor protection.
  • 2010: Became a public shareholding company…. new corporate identity.
  • 41 listed companies with market cap of 2.8 USD billion as of JAN 2011.
  • 10 member brokerage firms as of JAN 2011.
  • Only equities are traded on the PEX.
  • Trading platform: Nasdaq OMX
  • Surveillance: Smarts systems
  • Fully automated trading clearing settlement system since establishment.

Board of Directors

  • Dr. Rami Hamdallah, Chairman
  • Dr. Farouq Zuaiter, Vice Chairman
  • Mr. Samir O. Hulileh
  • Mr. Ziad M. Turk
  • Dr. Bassem Makhoul
  • Mr. Romen Matthew
  • Dr. Mohammad Eshtayya

Mr. Ahmad Aweidah

Contact Information  
Tel : +970 (or 972) (9) 2390999
Fax : +970 (or 972) (9)2390998
P.O.Box : 128, Nablus- Palestine


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